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Help Richard raise money

For participating in Port Perry Pedals 2023

Donate to help Richard raise money for Port Perry Pedals 2023’s fundraising campaign.


Recent donors

Donation date Donor name Donation amount
Sep 09 Shayne! :) $27.80
Sep 08 J-Rod let's hope you're better at riding a bike than you are keeping your composure after a pineapple twist $27.80
Sep 07 P. Daddy & the Family Break a leg... 🤞 $54.63
Sep 02 casey $40.20
Sep 01 Amy McBongtokes Win or lose we all care just the same which is not at all. 🥱 💤 (Tax write off) $27.80
Sep 01 Retired Sock Model I'd come out of retirement for this. $27.80
Sep 01 Chelsea I know you won't break a hip like dad. Your ginormous head will break your fall ♥ $27.80
Sep 01 GreenPaths LFG $109.38
Sep 01 Wife You’re** (also from joint <3) $11.70
Sep 01 Your wife Your sleeping on the couch if you don’t hit this goal. P.S this came out of the joint account ;) $27.80